Abdl Sitter Sex Talk Part 4
May 17, 2018
Be Good For Mommy Tawny
May 20, 2018

Oh my goodness adult baby phone sex lover! You wet the bed again didn’t you? Even after I told you over and over again not to wet the bed you still disobeyed me! I think this is far past accidental wetting! You’re doing it on purpose because you’re too lazy to get up out of bed at night and go use the potty! So you know what if you want to be such a lazy boy mommy is going to treat you exactly like that! I’m putting you back in diapers once and for all! You will not be allowed to take them off unless I’m changing you. You want to act like a big baby then mommy is going to treat you like a big baby! Now let mommy put this diaper on you abdl phone sex lover.



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