Sissy maid
September 14, 2007
Domme Mommy, Maybe?
September 14, 2007
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Mommys little helper

Hi there everyone. I’ve been so busy with school and stukk that I have not written in a couple of weeks, so I decided to get on it before I get into trouble with my mommy. School is fabulous. I love it, well at least this semester I do, heehee. Even though I been busy with my learning I am still here to take calls. I could never leave you guys. Also I have been giving my mommy a hand with her two lil ones. And I got to do a call with Scarlet last week. Helping the mommies here at phoneamommy is good practise for me in helping my mommy with my lil AB brother and my sissy sister. They can be a handfull sometimes, heehee. I think I am getting very good at taking care of Abies. At least Mommy Scarlet and my mommy think so, heehee.

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