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May 7, 2007
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May 8, 2007
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My first baby….

Well I have been away for a few days.. been trying to work some things out in my personal life but Mommy Sophia is back and going strong. 🙂 It seems that me and my first ab/dl are going to try to work things out and try to get back together. Seems that he really misses his mommy taking care of him. He says that he misses the way that I use to keep him diapered all the time and took good care of him like a mommy would a little baby. So everyone cross your fingers for us and say a little prayer but I will definately be here for all my good and bad little babies so pick up that phone, give Mommy Sophia a call, wish her congratulations and let Mommy Sophia take good care of you. 🙂

Love ya all

Diaper huggles and kisses

Mommy Sophia


any baby that gives Mommy Sophia a call the month of May and does 15+ minutes with me gets a free 5 minutes with this special Mommy… so pick up that phone Mommy is waiting on you little one.

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