April 15, 2009
Mommy is listening
April 15, 2009

your-bratty-sister-katie “Ah ha! I knew it was you that had been stealing my diapers.” Would you tremble if you heard me whisper that to you? You were being soooo nosey that you were sneaking my diapers to try on and use them. Mommy had accused me of hiding them; I even got in time out because she thought I lied about it. I’m going to tell Mommy, and when I do you just see what happens. I still remember what Mommy did to you when she found you tying on my dress. She made you be my sister for the weekend. If she finds out you are a diaper thief, you’ll have to be a baby for who knows how long. You won’t be able to call me a baby in diapers anymore big brother.

Your Bratty Sister Katie

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