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November 4, 2015
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My Sexy Stocking Fetish

I have a stockings fetish. I own more lingerie, bras, lacy panties, and stockings that I do clothing to wear it with. I especially love my stockings. I have three drawers full, which I try to keep organized. One drawer has the black stockings. There’s silky sheer, Cuban heel, lace. One pair is opaque black with a blood red dragon printed on the calf.

My Stocking Fetish The second drawer has the garter belts. There’s lacy black, a black velvet one with little sequin details, a few white lace pairs. The third drawer has the colored stockings. Sheer nude with elaborate tiny curls trailing up the back, sheer white that looks especially good with a schoolgirl skirt, brightly colored pairs that are fun to wear on the holidays.

I have another drawer stuffed full of pantyhose, but I don’t like to wear those as much. I like that the stockings show a glimpse of my thighs when I walk by in a short skirt. Do you have a stockings fetish?

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