Your naughty stepsister has returned
March 1, 2008
Go Fetch the Paddle!
March 1, 2008
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names have not been changed to protect the innocent


It’s early Saturday morning, and your adult baby Mommy teacher is in the nursery sorting and stacking the diapers… thinking it’s been a really quiet week for Mommy, and I sure could use some fun. In comes this diapercop… oh no… have there been reports of dirty mommy phonesex around here or maybe he heard that I have secret fantasies of domination? It wasn’t me Mr Officer, Sir… really! So I tried to keep my secrets, but crumbled under his questioning, and admitted my diaper fetish. He was ready to cuff and arrest me, and I gotta say I was soooooo intrigued and anxious to play out this fantasy roleplay, but he just left me cuffed against the wall. I think he’s still waiting for backup, because he knows I’m just too much for him, and I’d have the big strong cop crying and cooing like a little baby and send him back to the precinct house wearing the diaper he tried to put me into.  *protect and serve* INDEED   Hey… has anyone seen the key to these handcuffs?? Give me a call!

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