ABDL Diaper Changes
April 1, 2018
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April 2, 2018

What’s that in your abdl phone sex diaper? Do you have your hand in your adult diaper again? You are a naughty adult baby aren’t you? You need to keep your hands out of your diaper and stop playing with your little wee wee! I know that’s exactly what you’re doing because every time during our adult diaper change sessions mommy notices just exactly how hard your little pee pee is! Especially when mommy is wiping in between your legs that pee pee is sticking straight up and even dripping pre cummies when mommy is wiping you down! You need to stop being a naughty boy and tugging on your wee wee in your diaper while you try to look up mommy’s skirt! You are a little adult baby and little adult babies need to be good during diaper phone sex!
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