Sissy Humiliation Teasing! (part 2)
October 2, 2018
Waking Up With Abdl Mommy Janey Video!
October 6, 2018

Brandon slipped his hand down into the skimpy bikini cut panties he had stolen from his Mommy’s drawer, reveling in the luxurious feel of the fabric and the way it cupped his rock hard cock. Walking over to the full length mirror he stared at himself adorned in the sissy, feminine lingerie and moaned, a wet patch of pre cum soaking through the front of the sissy slut panties he had claimed as his. He had never felt more aroused! Even when he watched sissification porn and came all over himself he could never have imagined the sensation of being dressed in his Mommy’s (who all his friends thought was a total MILF) pretty lingerie, wishing he could be caught and forced into this life all the time! Just that thought was almost enough to drive him over the edge, and he longed for a humiliating phone sex Mommy to bring his fantasy to life!

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 Mommy Jackie

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