ABDL Playtime Phone Sex
January 7, 2017
ABDL Diaper Exhibitionists
January 8, 2017

I know every time I leave you stick you hand into your freshly changed Adult diaper and start playing with your pee-pee! And fantasizing what it would even be like to touch or smell mommy’s nice wet pussy! Well your abdl mommy wants to please you and make your fantasy come to life, so mommy is going to be right back I am going to go slip into something a little more comfortable, and you keep your hand out of your diaper and plastic pants until I get back! I go and grab the nicest feeling night gown with my nursing bra and matching panties and nice white stockings that go up a little past my knee and I walk back into your room and have you get out of you bed and lay you across my lap and begin to best feed you and slide my hand into you pants and start to rub the out side of your diaper! Call me or some Abdl Phone Sex!
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