Sweet Little Angel!
October 17, 2016
Mommy Phone Sex
October 24, 2016
forceddiaperingLook at that Adult Diaper it is so full! Come here and let you ABDL, Mommy change you! Come here don’t make me chase you, sweetheart! You will not like what happens if you run from me. I will count to 3 and you better be right next to mommy soI can change you! 1…2… Good boy now come with mommy to your Abdl Nursery, so I can put you on your changing table. Now mommy is going to place you up there and slide down your shorts and plastic pants and undo the tapes of your diaper and fold it down. Then I am going to raise up your legs, and wipe your bottom then you balls. Then I am going to take another wipe and wipe your little pee-pee. Then I am going to slide the new diaper right underneath your bottom. After that, I am going to take my pinky finger and slide it right around your butt hole. If you want more call me for some ABDL Phone Sex!
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