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May 21, 2007
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May 24, 2007
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New Journal and Other Fun Things!

heheHey there sweeties! Long time no see P I’ve been a busy Mommy-In-Training! My mommy keeps me busy sometimes doing chores and other things…you know what they say: All Work and No Play Makes Janey a Dull Girl!  

I know I haven’t been around lately on the forums but all that is going to change! I am in need of nuturing some Abies and also some special fun time! I am so happy I am able to be around more now…I missed posting and learning more about all of the wonderful ab/dl’s that visit here! Also I love learning more about all the Mommies…all of the posts help me learn better ways to become an even better Mommy-In-Training…maybe one day I can be as good as them ;P

For anyone who is interested I have started a new journal…I will post daily all kinds of things so feel free to add me if you are on livejournal!


Lots of Love,


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