Mommy Phone Sex
February 5, 2008
Missed You All
February 5, 2008

omg-its-my-black-dress-lol.jpg I received this in my email today from a very good friend of mine.  Now the reason she sent it to me was because the black dress this skeleton is wearing looks just like the one I wore out to dinner the other night.  She got a kick out of that.  She wrote in the email ‘Doris, I didn’t know you were having such a hard time finding a man, maybe it’s the dress.’ I have very sick friends for my age lol.  Anyway, I saw the humor in it and thought I would share.  As far as me ‘waiting for the perfect man’ well I have to say that I have found them here, only they go by a different discription; ABDL‘s and Sissies *hugs and kisses*

Granny Doris

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