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August 1, 2007
sissy maid punishment
August 1, 2007
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Oh Baby Baby!

Well it seems that many of you baby’s are getting might comfy in mommy’s lap. I must admit the feel of those cold bare bottoms on my thighs makes me blush. But only for a second, then it is my turn to make you blush! I would hate to think that there are a few naughty little ones out there that will once again be laying over mommy’s knee getting a spanking, it turns those cool buns into sweaty hot ones. For my good little tikes, well if you crave a little paddle thats fine to, no reason to keep you from bending over for me is there! I can tell you are already daydreaming of what I have in store for you aren’t you! Well stop dreaming and let me bring a taste of reality into your diapy’s. Rememeber, I always know what is lurking in your mind. So lets open that pandora’s box and have a little fun shall we.

Cum play with me,

Phone mommy Sue

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