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Small Dick Humiliation!!
June 9, 2019
Nap Time For A Fussy Adult Baby!
June 12, 2019

diaper lover

I was talking to one of my favorite diaper lover baby boys today when he started to blush and fidget. Of course as an abdl Mommy, I knew what the matter was right away- my littlespace boy needed to make a poopy in his diaper pants! He squatted right down and sucked his paci as I rubbed his tummy and told him all about the adult baby diaper play fun we were going to have. He gurgled and drooled as his diaper filled, that familiar smell making my nose crinkle as that diaper got messier and messier. As he finished he whimpered “please change me, Mommy…” Which always puts the biggest grin on my face of course! I laid him down on a comfy changing cloth and started to undo the tapes on that full, dirty diaper, teasing and tickling every bit of him…


Mommy Jackie


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