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June 29, 2016
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August 9, 2016
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Our Trip to The Zoo Part 1

Hi my adult baby boy today we will be going to the Zoo to see all of your favorite animals! So first let’s get you dressed in your cute John Deer tractor overalls with you cute green shoes! Aww you look soo very cute! Before we leave it looks like someone’s hungry. So I sit down on my rocking chair and signal for you to sit on my lap. I slowly take off my shirt and, take my breast out of my bra. I place your mouth onto my breast, you can feel the warm liquid going down your throat. Isn’t that yummy? I know it is. After you finish eating  I am going to check your diaper, feels like it’s all good and dry. Now let’s pack your diaper bag for our trip. First we need your adult binki and your Bambino teddy bear diapers and your Rhumba plastic pants, make sure we have plenty of wipes, diaper cream and powder. To find out more call me for some abdl Phone Sex!

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