Phonesex fantasy girl Lacy
February 7, 2008
Straight Up Phone Sex Call
February 7, 2008

painting-my-house.jpg  It has become necessary for me to do a spruce up around my house.  I have decided to paint it, inside and out.  Only problem is, it’s just me lol.  That is an awful lot of work to do when you are just one person.  I thought of hiring someone to do it, but that might get a bit weird when I get my calls from all you wonderful little ones.  Man is painting in my guest room while I am in my bedroom taking a sissy to the hairdresser.  Not that I care if someone were to ever hear me, I’m a pretty blunt and straight forward person, on the other hand maybe it would be good if the person painting my house were to hear me on some of my calls, they might do a better job, you know, from trying to hear more and more, might stick around to put up some crown molding for me as well.


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