I’m Laughing AT you not with you lol
October 17, 2007
Diaper love
October 18, 2007
I really enjoy regression calls.  Where I put something a little bit extra in your drink to make you into a helpless little baby.  I had this wonderful call the other night, where I got to turn the tables on my verbally abusive husband.  You would not believe the awful things he was calling me!  I got him his beer as instructed, but then he made a mistake, he had me open it lol.  I slipped something ‘special’ in it and a few seconds after he took a sip, he became a helpless little baby.  I was so very pleased with myself lol.  I could finally do everything I always wanted to do, I was in charge for once!  Chloro-baby calls are wonderful!
Loving you all,
Granny Joan

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