Stinky Diaper Boy!
September 10, 2015
Mommy’s Messy Baby
September 11, 2015
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Peek A Boo With Sissy Baby

Mommy and Daddy know you’ve been a naughty sissy baby thinking you could get away with it. Last night you were supposed to be tucked inside your crib but you crawled right out of it didn’t you! You were told to go night night right after mommy changed your messy diaper but you decided to be a naughty little sissy girl and sneak out of your crib and walk right out into the hallway! Mommy could see your little head poke through the crack of the bedroom door watching mommy and daddy fucking each other. I saw how big your eyes got when you caught a glimpse of daddy’s big thick cock pumping in and out of mommy’s pussy. I bet you wanted to switch places with mommy so badly didn’t you? You’d love to have daddys cock in between your legs fucking your little sissy pussy! The look of envy in your eyes shows it all!


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