November 15, 2015
November 17, 2015

My name is Michelle. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am your Mommy , the kind of Mommy who can either be sweet or stern. The nature of our conversations all depend on what you my dirty naughty baby want. Mommy is a good listener, she will listen to what kind of Mommy you are looking for. If you want to be changed, Mommy Michelle will change you. If you want to make a mess in your diaper, Mommy will scold you. If you want to be a sissy girl, Mommy will make sure you have all the pink crinoline dresses you want. If you fight Mommy, she will make sure everyone knows you are a dirty little diaper wearing baby. Why don’t you give Mommy Michelle a call, I promise I will play nice. Mommy Michelle will even let you stay up late to make the call. Kisses.

888*938*7382 International callers please call 714*442*2402

ABDL Phone Sex

– Michelle https://www.phoneamommy.com

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