Nursie Assists
October 8, 2007
First time sissy
October 9, 2007

Sometimes getting outed isn’t a bad thing at all. I was at a party and I noticed that one of the guests had a distinctive crinkle in his pants. He had come alone so I made it a point to talk and talk to him. I was lost as to how to approach what I knew I had found out. Before long I was picturing me taking him to the host’s bedroom and changing him. Thinking of how the mixed smell of poopy diapers, and powder would fill my nose. As the night went on the crowd dwindled down. We were alone and he asked “so Sue what do you do for fun?”
It was now or never, I thought.” I treat men like babies and change their diapers. “I said. He blushed like I haven’t seen anyone blush in awhile. Neither of us went home alone.

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