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October 31, 2015
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November 4, 2015
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Pretty Sissy Panties

Awww, does baby need something to make their diapey feel even more snug and secure? Mommy has just the thing for you! I always love to slip a pair of plastic pants or rumba panties up over the fresh clean diapers I put on my adult babies when they need changing. It does not take a diaper lover to appreciate the feeling of a warm, cozy diaper put on by your sexy MILF mommy! Judging by all of the cooing and wiggling you do when I start taking my time changing you, you seem to really enjoy the way mommy makes sure to wear her cutest nightgowns for you when it is changing time! Mommy likes ruffles and lace too! If you are really good for me, I might even give in and buy us a few pairs of matching panties and some cute sleep gowns so that we can look pretty together!




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