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Panty-Covered Diapers
June 30, 2019
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Abdl Humiliated By Being Back In Diapers
July 1, 2019

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I’ve spent the last month working on a special little project just for you, sugar, biding my time while you raged like a misogynistic tornado across the office, until my plans all culminated in this special moment. You see, the presentation you just watched was full of diaper hypnosis subliminal messages, as have all of my daily reports to you. That’s right, when I pull this abdl pacifier out of my purse you’re going to fall totally under my control, just a helpless sissy baby girl now. Haha and look at that! My favorite part, if I had to choose, it the complete lack of potty training you now possess, baby. Your pants are totally soaked now, which is just as well since you’re not going to be wearing those any longer- you belong in disposable adult baby diapers from now on. Poor little Princess Puddles, you’re not a man anymore!


Mommy Jackie


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