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September 11, 2015
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September 13, 2015
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Quiet time

Today was supposed to be mommy Susan’s relax day.  All my ABDL’s were supposed to play quietly among themselves so I could sit and read.  But you wouldn’t let mommy.  You were whiny and pouty and wouldn’t stop crying.  Mommy knew how to fix that.  I took the special tape I have and put it across my naughty ABDL’s mouth and lay him in the crib with a dirty stinky diaper on.  I put a pretty sissy dress on him, (the blue one with the purple bows) and let him lay there looking like a little Sissy boy.  If you won’t stop whining mommy is going to spank that dirty little butt off and give you something to cry about. Nobody interrupts mommy Susan’s relax days, not even my cute ABDL’s.  I am hoping you will remember for next time that when mommy says its quiet time that is exactly what it is.

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You better be on your best behavior when you call mommy Susan or you will have a sore butt


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