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September 2, 2017
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September 3, 2017
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Real Sex with Mommy Barb – Anal

Sometimes it is really nice just to not play around and have some real sex, some real hard and dirty sex. Having my little one pretend to be a real man and push mommy over so he can fuck my ass open. No role play, no games, just a cock deep up my ass pounding into my body. It is something mommy needs from time to time, that hard unrelenting cock ripping my asshole open and filling me with that thick cock. Mommy knows my little boy loves destroying mommy’s ass, making it so mommy can’t sit normal for days just because it fucked my rosebud open. Anal sex is so hot and raw, having someone stick their cock in a place it was never meant to go but somehow feels so damn good. That burn when my baby’s cock first rams into my hole can almost make me cum alone. Mommy really needed that.

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