Fun With Mommy
November 23, 2015
So thankful…for diaper changes!
November 29, 2015

I like spending time looking for rewards for my adult baby, I spend a lot of time looking for just the right dolly, the perfect brown teddy bear, or a very intricate tea set with all the accessories. The hour upon hour looking the aisles for the perfect hair ribbons for when I decide to let your hair grow long. Mommy will spend the time brushing your hair and telling you that you are my pretty little baby. All the dainty girly things my adult baby will appreciate having for being a good baby, Mommy spends a lot time thinking that when you are a good adult baby that she wants to reward you for all your hard work . So to show you that I care I labor over rewarding you. To show you how much you, my adult baby, mean to Mommy. That you are so very special to Mommy. Keep up the good work . Til next time.  In the U.S.A and Canada call 888*938*7382 International callers please call 714*442*2402


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