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April 10, 2016
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April 12, 2016
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Sexy Diaper Change

I love changing diapers. It is the most fun thing to me in regards to being an abdl-mommy. Knowing that I have that control makes me so horny.

I would come into the nursery and pick you up out of your crib and place you on the changing table. I’d grab the baby wipes and the baby powder and your pink abdl-diaper for my favorite sissy baby. I would open your diaper and clean about your little sissy cock and your little baby butt while holding your legs in the air. You would cringe at the wet cold wipe touching your butt and I would giggle. After putting the baby powder on you and placing your butt down in the new abdl-diaper, I would see a little boner trying to poke through. I would smile mischievously and I tickle your balls and place my mouth around the tip of your little cock stroking up and down until your cum fills my mouth.



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