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September 18, 2015
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September 20, 2015
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Shopping With Mommy

Rendering of simple children's toys. Wooden alphabet cubes spelling word toys, wooden pyramid puzzle and a colorful ball.

Abdl mommy Ava is about to wake you up from your nap. You look so adorable in your crib nuzzled up to your favorite teddy bear with your pacifier in your mouth. I wonder what my little adult baby is dreaming about. Well it’s time for you to wake up my love. Mommy is taking you to Toys R Us to get you some new adult baby clothes and adult diapers! Mommy is even getting you a new toy! Mommy picks you up and puts you in your car seat as we start driving to the toy store. You see all the other adult babies and diaper lovers walk into the store as we get there. Look at all the different sections they have! There’s a stuffed animal section and a Barbie section and even a super hero section for all the little boys! Where would you like to go first sweetie? Maybe the stuffed animal section? Mommy can get you a brand new teddy for your crib! Does that sound good? You’re such a sweet abdl boy!
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