‘Holy Diaper Change’ — Mommy Maggy loves her Super Heros!
November 12, 2007
Naughty Fun
November 14, 2007

My mommy took my and her sissy shopping for some new winter clothes this past weekend. She let me pick out some of my own clothes and some for my lil sissy brother too. I got him the cutest pink jacket with purple fur around the collar and I found a pair of jeans with pink trim to match! I loved the jacket so much I begged mommy for one too. Mommy thinks it cute when me and sissy dress alike so she said ok. Yay heehee. Everyone knows how much I love clothes. The only thing I like more is dressing up sissies!


Won’t you come play dress up with me?


call and ask for Lil janey


All calls are discreetly billed as “Madison Enterprise”.
All calls from the United States and Canada are $1.99/min. All International calls are $2.99/min

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