Dominating Rape Roleplay (part 2)
October 21, 2018
Naughty Sex Lessons From Your Stepmom
October 22, 2018

Jakob gulped, nervous beyond belief about answering the sissy maid ad clutched in his increasingly sweaty hand. He took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves. “This is what you’ve always wanted, every erotica you read and re read is about this exact situation, you can do this!” He worked up the courage to press the door bell, noticing the brightly polished brass sign to the right of the door proclaiming “Miss Jackie’s Finishing School For Sissy Girls” Just the sight of the little sign made his little clitty jump in the pair of girly, lacy panties he had hidden beneath his conservative outfit of slacks and a polo shirt. On the outside, he looked almost like a real man, though close inspection began to reveal his lack of any truly masculine features. The door swung open and he almost came in his pants at the sight before him.



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#phonesex #dommymommy #abdl #sissygirl

#phonesex #dommymommy #abdl #sissygirl

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