What Did You Do Little Missy!
May 28, 2016
My Cuckold Bitch
June 3, 2016
I cut into my juicy delicious steak as I look at you across the table. I’ve placed you in a high chair with you dressed in your sissy clothes of a pink sparkly dress and babydoll shoes, and a blonde wig with a now in your hair. I’ve handcuffed you to the high chair.  I see you eyeing my meal and you pop out your pacifier and say, “Can I have some Mommy?”. I laugh loudly and mischievously. Of course you can my little sissy baby. I made food for you too. You smile at me beaming. I come back from the kitchen and bring you a bottle full of formula.  You look confused as I sit the bottle in front of you. “Can I have some of your steak Mommy?” you ask me. I laugh once again, shake my head no and continue eating. “Of course not honey”, I reply.
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