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October 2, 2015
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October 3, 2015
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Sissy Training with Mommy Barbie

Sissy training is absolutely one of my favorite things. I love taking my adult babies and transforming them from dirty boys to beautiful little sissies. Teaching my little abies how to be proper little sissies is hard work, but once I see them standing there in a new dress, hair curled, with bright pink blush on their cheeks, I know it was worth it. I love going shopping for pretty, lacey, frilly dresses for my sissy babies and sissy sluts. But of course, sissy training doesn’t start with the dress, it starts with the pretty, ruffled panties! I love pink panties with a beautiful white lace overlay. Then it’s time for the bra of course, a white lacy training bra is one of the cutest things on a new little sissy! Then of course it’s time for the dress and the shoes, then hair and makeup and voila! You look like a sissy! The real question is, can you act like one?

A pretty little sissy dress


— Barbie <3


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