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February 3, 2018
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February 8, 2018
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Small Pee Pee For Mommy

Do you want to know what mommy does with small pee pees like yours? Mommy likes to make fun of them with small penis humiliation phone sex! That pee pee is so tiny it just deserves to be put in a diaper! That’s a little baby pee pee if i’ve ever seen one! I mean look at it it looks like one of those little vienna sausages that they sell in the cans! And those little tiny balls look exactly like little shriveled up raisins don’t you think? Aww what’s that you want to put your tiny baby pee pee inside mommy? Mommy won’t even be able to feel it it’s so tiny you know that! I think you need to keep that little pee pee right where it belongs back in that diaper my abdl phone sex lover.
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