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August 25, 2015
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August 31, 2015
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Smile for Mommy Liz

I love taking pictures of all my ABDL babies. I often put the camera on a timer so I can take pics with me and them together. My favorite pictures have to the ones where I’m breastfeeding or giving them a nice fun bubble bath.

Adult babies are so silly and sweet. They make adorable faces and such candid moments. Birthday cake covered faces, sleepy eyes, oops moments and so much more make up my scrap book of my life as an abdl mommy.

I usually don’t take pictures of any of the penetration but have been requested to a time or two. I remember the sound of the clicking camera as I taught baby Mikey how go down on his mommy. He is such a fast learning baby 🙂

Yes, I rarely go anywhere without one of my many cameras and love how these special moments are caught forever on film or in a digital memory.

What pictures would we share, baby?

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