BBQ Fun… Part 2
September 4, 2023
Sexy Massage for a Lucky Abdl!
September 6, 2023

Since it was the birthday of Brenda’s boyfriend, she took him out for dinner to celebrate it at one of his favorite restaurants. However, Robbie felt extremely nervous and didn’t want to leave the van once she parked. They were at a family restaurant, and to fit the place, Brenda chose the appropriate clothes for Robbie: blue baggy shorts and a white T-shirt. The issue for Robbie wasn’t his clothes but rather that Brenda put on him one of his nighttime diapers, which are thicker. After several minutes of convincing him that no one would see it and he was just self-conscious, Brenda could finally walk up to the restaurant with Robbie. Robbie tried not to make it evident that he was waddling and could barely look up and followed Brenda. To his surprise, when he looked up to see the seats available, all the booths were taken, and only open tables were available.
Brenda chose one in the middle of the restaurant, and the second they sat down, Robbie became more anxious. The back of the chair was open with a small backrest just at the top, and the seat itself was so small that his diaper quickly filled it. Robbie felt his diaper wedging between the seat and the backrest. Brenda took her time choosing what she would eat, so the restaurant filled up. During that time, she seductively rubbed Robbie’s legs with her pantyhose. Robbie was so nervous when the food arrived that any loud noise made him jump. As if by coincidence, he saw people looking into his eyes every time he looked around and wondered if they noticed his bulging diaper. Robbie could barely eat; his heartbeat was loud in his ears, and he felt like it was 100 degrees out. Still, Brenda told him that the only way out of there was for him to eat everything. A hysterical laughter from a table behind Robbie made him jump and kick the table, making all the eyes around them point at him. He was so nervous about having all those pairs of eyes staring at him that he crossed his legs, trying to control his need to urinate. He asked to be taken to the toilet, but Brenda told him he had a diaper for a reason. Unable to control his bladder any longer, Robbie relieved himself. A darker red shade invaded his face, and Brenda knew he had done it. Only when both their plates were clean did they leave. Robbie tried not to waddle too much on returning to the car but wanted to escape quickly. Once they reached the van, Brenda told Robbie to lie down in the back and proceeded to change his diaper. The humiliation, Brenda’s teasing, and the exhilarating feeling of being almost caught and looked down upon made Robbie excited and his cock hardened. Brenda took his cock in his hand and jerked him off before putting on a new diaper. Her hand was drenched in his cum within a couple of minutes, and after using wet wipes to clean them, she dressed him and got in the car. “We will definitely be doing this again!” Does it sound like a good time to you? Call me for some kinky roleplay phone sex!

Aunt Brenda


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