July 19, 2007
Big Girl Sissy Wear
July 22, 2007
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Something New I Ran Across

Holy smokes!  I received an IM from someone, and when I told them, very nicely I might add, that I did not ‘play’ in IM they became very angry and started to call me names.  Not sweet cuddly ones either lol.  I don’t know what they were thinking, that if they called me a the C word and the B word that I would all of a sudden realize that his man is indeed the man of my Sitter dreams and help him bust a _ _ _ over IM.. HA!  So I did what every red blooded woman would do, I just laughed at him, hard too, he didn’t seem to like that at all.  But oh well!  So take note people, please do not call me names that are rude, or get all nasty with me in IM because I will not ‘play’ with you, but what I will do is this, laugh at your silly attempts to make me feel bad for saying no.  lol..you have yourself an AWESOME day!


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