Happy Once Again
February 7, 2008
Phonesex fantasy girl Lacy
February 7, 2008
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9070752n.jpgI usually spoil my babies but I have a few that call and they enjoy being spanked. They have taught me that giving a spanking can be quite fun and now I am really starting to enjoy it. Naughty babies can present a challenge and they definetly keep me on my toes. And there are alot of cute and even sexy paddles out there. I love to shop and having one more thing to shop for is right up my alley. So I am going to be looking for some this weekend as a matter of fact. I would like to have an assortment, a paddle for every occassion if you will. So I need some naughty babies to give me a call so I can have a few back sides to practice on, heehee.

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