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February 13, 2008
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February 13, 2008
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Special Day

Hi everyone as you all know by now tomorrow is Valentines day.

while sitting here wondering what my special someone was plaining for tomorrow,i got to thinking about what the day really was all about.To me its all about showing someone you love then ,or care very much for them.So i guess for me ever day is Valentines day because i tell my family and friends every day how much i care for them and love them.

Starting today i would love to show all the abies this type of care and love. First i would give you a nice warm bath then put  lotions and powder all over your body, then put you in a fresh diaper and rumba panties ,after that it would be a nice pair of rompers. After i had you smelling and looking so clean and fresh, i would wrap you in your nice blankie and rock you while breast feeding you.Once you went to sleep i would just sit and cuddle you for a long time then its nite nite for you.If this sounds like something you would enjoy give me a call. Joan

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