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November 11, 2015
November 15, 2015

It’s your lucky day! Mommy Lauren decided that if you are going to be a sissy, you’re going to be the prettiest one around. She doesn’t mind you sneaking into her closet to try on her clothes but she would never let you touch her makeup. What a surprise when she gives you pretty eye shadows and lipsticks that she bought specially for you!

You’ve watched Mommy Lauren meticulously apply concealers and blush. You know that you need to draw with lip liner before the lipstick and to never forget to put a healthy poof of powder on before heading out for the night.

She purchased a lovely light pink lipstick for you and bright blue eye shadow. There’s a little box with different brushes inside. You are so excited to begin playing with your new toys! Mommy Lauren is going to be so proud when she sees what a beautiful sissy you can be!

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