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March 1, 2008
A Shout Out To the DLs
March 2, 2008
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Starting over

mvc24689resize.jpgWell it’s been another great weekend full of great calls and lots of fun with abies. For most of you it is time to get back to the “real” world, one without diapers and pacis, full of work and school. If you are having a particularly troublesome week. Try just taking 10 minutes to yourself to slip into a nice thick diaper. It will make a difference. Just 10 minutes, or longer if you can swing it, to get away from the big world and feel safe and secure. You truly deserve it. And I know some of you have families or roomates and that makes it hard, but fi you could just find a few minutes to yourself somewhere to enjoy your diaper it will brighten up your week. And remember, mommy is always here for you, whenever you need me just pick up that phone.

Your mommy,


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