Recharging Mommy Lauren
November 24, 2007
Sexed Up Sex Ed Teacher
November 26, 2007
mommy sara in panties

Well, there are still leftovers in the fridge from Thanksgiving and I feel like I need some extra exercise. Perhaps chasing after some of my favorite babies in the nursery will help me burn those turkey calories.

I couldn’t help but remember some of my diaper changes lately as I made the mashed potatoes. Just like a messy diappy sagging under an abie’s tushy! And of course setting the table with fine linens and lacy doilies made me think of all of my sweet sissies that I love to dress up and spoil. The napkins look just like your pretty lady panties, plastic pants, rhumbas, and dresses!

Of course, you know how to find me to play – just call 888-430-2010!

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