Learning to diaper pt 2
January 10, 2016
I’m Here for You
January 11, 2016
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Any ABDL mommy that has spent time in a nursery knows exactly how to find out if their babies have a dirty diaper or not. There are times when all a mommy has to do is take a look behind their little one and they will surely notice the full, sagging diaper swaying to and fro as they toddle along. Sometimes, when a diaper check is needed, a mommy might swoop in on their adult babies while they are playing and reach down to give their diapered bottoms a firm squeeze. However, taking care of babies does not always go quite so smooth as that. In fact, there are those times when a mommy is so busy with managing other aspects of life that she might forget to do a diaper check altogether! When this happens, that dirty adult baby diaper speaks for itself… Usually resulting in mommy saying PEEYEW! and fanning her nose playfully.




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