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September 6, 2015
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September 11, 2015
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Stinky Diaper Boy!

Uh oh, did someone just make stinkies in their adult baby diaper! Well that certainly won’t do! It’s a good thing your mommy is here to change it for you! You must go through at least 5 diaper changes a day don’t you? Why are you such a poopie diaper boy? Maybe its because this abdl mommy likes to slip laxatives in adult baby’s bottle! Mommy thinks you look so cute when you’re about to mess that diaper and you get that look on your face. Mommy knows that face all too well! All scrunched up and focused on making number two! Mommy loves changing your diaper so she has to make sure you poop in it as much as possible that way you’ll always be a stinky diaper boy for your mommy! That’s right no more big boy potty for you young man! So lets go ahead and get the diaper bag and clean up that mess before adult baby gets a diaper rash!



poopie adult baby

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