What A Silly Girl
September 23, 2016
Punishing Sissy Baby
September 24, 2016


Did my adult baby make a stinky diaper? Did you make a mess in your diaper little baby? You’re so stinky you need to get out of that nasty poopy diaper right away! How long have you even been in that poopy diaper! Let’s get you all cleaned up, you can’t go out to see a superhero movie with that! You could get a diaper rash little one. We’re going to get you all cleaned up, yes baby I’ll put the cream and the powder just the way you like it alright baby. Don’t even worry we’ll just get you all cleaned up, give you a bath, take you out to that movie since you’ve been such a well behaved little baby, and then after we can cuddle and go to sleep. We’re going to have such a great day, come on my little adult baby, let’s get you all freshened up.



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