Foot Fetish Phone Sex
October 31, 2016
Diaper Sissy Phone Sex
Diaper Sissy Phone Sex
November 5, 2016


It’s just another day of stinky adult babies and diaper lovers in need of some serious diaper changes from this loving but stern abdl mommy! Mommy gets mad when you don’t tell me you’ve made a mess in your diaper because Mommy only wants what’s best for her adult babies! And sitting around in a stinky diaper and waddling around in it without Mommy putting you in a fresh new one first is just going to irritate your skin and give adult baby a big diaper rash on his bottom! We don’t want that now do we? So that’s why Mommy is so stern because Mommy knows what’s best for her adult baby diaper lover so the next time you make a mess in your diaper and you’re thinking twice about hiding in that dirty diaper, you better come to mommy!



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