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October 3, 2015
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Stinky Wet Diapers

Taking the time to gently and sweetly change my adult babies and diaper lovers when there is a big stinky mess in their adult baby diapers, is one of the most important parts of being a mommy. Have you ever had to sit in a stinky, smelly diaper when it was full and messy? It does not sound like very much fun at all! That is why my sweet little ones need a loving, caring mommy like me to make sure that they are well taken care of! That includes very frequent diaper checks to see if there is a big mess in that diaper for me to clean up! And even more diaper changes when those underoos are messy! It is not always the easiest of jobs, but ask anyone and they will tell you that they know that I would not trade those intimate moments between us for the world.




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