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November 18, 2016
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November 21, 2016
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Stop That!


Look what you have done? You have gotten pee all over your brand new blanket! I cannot believe that you had another accident! We have been Working on minimizing the amount of diapers you wear because you told me you would be a good boy! Now look, this must be what your Abdl mommy gets for letting you sleep with your adult training pants and not your adult diapers! Take those and put them into the washer and get on your hands an knees and scrub up you mess then come find me when your done! Today I am going to make you clean the whole house for your punishment and  do all of the laundry! Do you understand me? You better! Because if this attitude continues you can bed your little bottom will bust it and the color will match your spider man shirt! What was that? Did you just get an attitude with me? Really after what I just said to you? Do I need to take you to school and tell all of your little friends that you wear a diaper? hm? The longer you sit here and argue and back talk mommy all of these chores could have been done!  Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex
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