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April 21, 2016
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April 24, 2016
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My Sweet Baby Alyssa

My little Adult Baby Girl Alyssa can be such the sweetest little dear when she is behaving and listening to me, sometimes that isn’t often enough though.  Lately she has been getting spoiled since her birthday is coming up and I always want her to be the cutest baby girl ever.  Little missy has probably going on about twenty different outfits that I get to put her in and sometimes I think she sneaks my credit card and orders even more.  Lately she has been getting all cute little my little pony and hello kitty outfits with tops and matching diaper covers.  I started making sure all her new diaper covers have rhumbas on them to show her off to all my friends.  I just recently started making her wear cute little skirts with her onesies too.  We aren’t quite at buying her dresses but that is coming.  I may even let her aunties Crissy and Ava take her shopping for her very first dress at Binkies and Bows.  Lately she has been on her best behavior so I know something is coming with my baby girl and I am also sure another session with Mommy’s paddle will be in order followed by tears.  Let’s see what Mommy can pick out for you to wear to your next party.  Call me Tawny 888-430-2010 Come visit the Phone sex mommy Chat Room.Phone sex

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