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February 8, 2016

Sick bABies

Mommy doesn’t like it when she has sick bABies . They require so much more attention than usual and if they have diarrhea you will be changing diapers and giving baths all day.  They don’t want to eat and if they are all stuffy they can’t even drink there bottle or breastfeed. The second worst behind diarrhea has to be those runny noses. Mommy is constantly wiping runny noses and trying to get them to blow their nose is the worst. A mommy’s job is never easy but when their bABies are sick it is the worst. Then they cry because you can’t meet any of their needs, they are hungry, thirsty, their little bum is sore as well as their noses. To top it all off we make them take nasty medicine that they usually end up vomiting before you know it got in their system. No mommy’s job is never easy. Tawny will take care of you. Tawny 888-430-2010
November 4, 2008

Even when he has to spank my butt for being naughty, teehee. I love my daddy.
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