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July 15, 2008

Sun n’ Fun

It’s a new week of fun n’ sun. *big smiles* I really want to take you babies on an outing to the beach. it’s time to get out of the nursery and go have some fun, get some sand in those diappys. *giggles* I have lots of sand toys for making sand castles. We will have so much fun. I will hold your hand when we go in the water so you won’t be scared. I am mommys helper and I know how to take good care of the babies for mommy no matter where we go. ~ Little Janey
June 9, 2008

Nap times over

No this is not me. I found this pic on a tattoo site. But I wonder if he is an AB. This could be a way of showing his lifestyle without being too obvious, but those of us like him would know 😉 I think it’s pretty cool. It’s too bad the rest of us don’t have some kind of badge that only other people in the AB/DL lifestyle would recognize. Louie
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