January 10, 2019

Sweet baby needs sweet mommy milk

I rang in the New Year with a large adult baby sucking on my breast. But, the thing is it was not my husband. No, it was my adult stepson and he was sucking all of the beautiful milk I had stored for him out of me. Earlier in the evening, I ordered a pizza for the family so we could ring the New Year in years with food, but I knew my stepson needed special attention.  I made sure that he was able to squeeze on stepmommy’s titties. He loved the way I rubbed the soap and the warm water on his back and shoulders. I loved tickling my sweet baby with the bubbles and giving him light massages as I cleaned him. I know he is not my baby by birth, but he is my baby non-the-less. Once his bath is done I take him out of the water and begin to dry him down. It is time for mommy son sex. #diaperslut #adultdiaperlover #adultbaby #phonesex Tammy 1-888-430-2010 Click here to phone sex mommy.
December 31, 2015

Breastfeeding AB/DL’s

One of the things I have learned to love even more then I thought I would is all these ABys wanting to be breastfeed, who knew? So many little men and woman who want to sit in your lap and suckle your breast like you are feeding their little belly’s till they are full and their little hearts are content. It is such a nice bonding experience for me as their nanny, mommy or step mommy. The nursery has been such a nice place to work and play with all the adult babies. Most day’s they don’t even realize how much they make my day. I look so forward to going in a helping out, I especially love the little ones that need that extra attention in the backroom where breast feeding isn’t enough, maybe they need a little back rub or maybe they want to give mommy a back rub? Those are always extra special day’s when are bonding can be in a job that not many others would even consider.  Call Tawny for your AB/DL needs.   888-430-2010
December 13, 2015

Breast feeding the step son.

I have noticed lately my older stepson watching me as I breast feed his half baby brother.  I know why too, he is fantasizing about being breast feed and even fucking me. See since I have married his father I have caught him wearing diapers and even started fucking around with a lot of his college buddies when hubby is away for work. I have no doubt he has heard all the stories about this, one of his friends has told me he asks a lot of questions about sex with me. So tonight I have a surprise for him. I can’t wait, it excites me just thinking about it now. His girlfriend is away this week as well as his dad, my hubby. When nightfall comes and baby is in the bed for night I am going to seduce my stepson finally. I have been waiting for the right time, and I can’t wait any longer. He will be breast feed tonight; his fantasies will all come true, just a few more hours….To be continued… Call Tawny for all you breast feeding desires anytime….(888) 430-2010
May 7, 2008

Daddy’s Little Girl

I had a call the other night where i got the tables turned on me. He wanted me to be his little girl.He first gave me a nice bubble bath , then diapered me and got me ready for bed. Afterwards he wrapped me up in my blanket ,gave me a bottle and told me a story as he rocked me to sleep. I don’t know if i would enjoy being a baby all the time because i like doing the diapering myself, but it was a very nice change *wink wink* .So if you ever feel the need to change someone give me a call.joan 1-888-430-2010